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There are 4 types of DB Font License Categories

1. Creative License: Design Firm and Media Production Studio to create advertisement and promotional material.

 1.1 Medium to Big size advertising agency, license fees quotations required (Unlimited number of install PCs).

1.2 Small size advertising agency and design firm (1 Set of license fees can install up to 5 PCs).
Can license from this link:

Usage conditions
-  Each font set license can install up to 5 PCs (Mac OS and Windows OS).
-  Font License usage can be use by Licensee only, cannot transfer to others / agency / supplier.
-  Font can be use in any media that produce by Licensee, except making magazine, journal that publish regularly required special license for each magazine, journal. (Categories 1.1 or 2.1)
 -  Using as part of Identity, logo, brand, trademark, motto, slogan regularly or frequently required special license (Categories 2.2 or 2.3)

- A Set may includes many or single Font Families. (Ex. DB X Vol. 1 price 220 USD 13 families, 52 weights)

- A Font includes style such as italic, bold, or none. (Ex. DB Narai X, DB Fongnam X)

2. Publisher License (unlimited number of install PCs)
Magazine and Journals using font on regular base, Quotations required for license fee per Font per Magazine.

3. Web Font License: per URLs /Domain name
Quotations required for license fee per Font per site.

4. Corporate License: for corporate and branding use.
Quotations required for license fee per Font per site.


If your condition apply on these categories, please send us email to:
We will issue you invoice and on-line payment form.





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